About Us

Responsible Healthcare, LLC

Founded in 2016, Responsible Healthcare, LLC is an In-Home Care Provider dedicated to serving members in the York and Lancaster County area of South Carolina.

We offer all Medicaid non-skilled in-home care services, like companion, personal care services, and respite services. The duties of a caregiver may vary –examples of services may involve light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, laundry services, meal planning and many other care needs.

The trust, support and generosity of our staff continue to propel the commitment to excellence in health care. Each year dedicated staff members and volunteers contribute hours of service to our organization. The makeup of our organization continues to provide exceptional services to people in need.

As a leader in the health care industry, we are consistently raising the standards of providing in- home care services. Our staff members are trained to deliver compassionate and skilled care.  We also place a high standard on staffing qualified individuals by running mandatory background checks, and drug screenings.

For years, I have dedicated my time to helping clients live a better, safer and healthier lifestyle. Responsible Healthcare, LLC was formed to improve the lifestyle of our disabled and elderly members of South Carolina by providing quality care, health education, and community support. Responsible Healthcare, LLC is dedicated to serving our community members with a smile!

Thank you,

                                          Dr. Audrey Carter, DrPH, MPH, BS

Founder & CEO 

Our Mission

Provide loving care to individuals and families in need. We offer services to help individuals and families live a fulfilling life.

Our Approach

Employing educated and skilled care workers is our priority. Our priority allows us to serve members of the community with exceptional service. Quality care is our # 1 GOAL.

Our Vision

“Creating a healthier community!”